Feed a Cat for Christmas (and beyond!)

It takes 30+ pounds of dry food and 30+ cans of wet food at a cost of $40/day to feed over 90 homeless cats in the most underserved parts of our city each day.

These sweet souls have been cast off, left behind, abandoned. Often, they are hurting. Always, they are hungry. 

One woman has said THIS WILL NOT STAND.

This December, for $40, you can partner with her and Feed a Cat for Christmas. Sponsor food for these kitties for just one day–as a gift, just because, or in honor or memory of a special person or pet.  In return, you’ll receive a certificate and our eternal gratitude!

How do I Feed a Cat for Christmas?Just make a $40 donation.

What if I can’t sponsor a full day’s food?For a $20 donation, you can sponsor half the food for a day!

How do I donate?You can use the “Donate” button anywhere on this site or send a check by mail. (Please email for mailing address.)

**Make sure to note that it is for Feed a Cat for Christmas in “Add special instructions to seller” when you make your donation!** 

If you would like us to send a certificate to you or someone you are honoring, please be sure to include that person’s name and address with your donation!

NOTE: Payment via PayPal to janinethebean10@yahoo.com

Is my donation tax deductible?Yes! Janinethebean Rescue is a 501(c)(3) public charity!

Why does this woman feed all these cats?!?Well, let’s start by noting that, in addition to feeding these cats, she also traps cats weekly to get them neutered before often returning them to the streets. You can learn more about TNR here. The TNR process means that at least those cats won’t be making more homeless cats!

Many of the cats are strays who have been abandoned or gotten lost and unable to find their families. In these cases, she tries to find the cats homes. She also seeks to get medical care for those cats that are in dire circumstances.

She feeds these cats daily because she has a big heart. These kitties are homeless due to no fault of their own.

You can find out more about Janine and what she does at the following links:

Irondequoit woman feeds, sterilizes stray cats in city

Janine and the never-ending cat rescue

Woman’s mission to help stray cats thwarted by city hall

Can I pick a certain date?Dates will be assigned based on when donation is received.

What do I get for sponsoring food for a day?First and foremost, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’ve done good and made a difference!

Also, for each $20 or $40 donation you will receive a lovely certificate commemorating your donation and participation. (Please note certificate can also be made out to and mailed to someone else. Be sure to include this information with your donation!)

In addition, you (or your honoree) will be thanked on the blog. (Weekend and holiday donors/honorees will be thanked on Mondays or the next non-holiday, respectively.)

When will certificates be mailed? Certificates will be mailed out on December 31st.

What if all the days are sponsored by the time you receive my donation? Then we will start sponsoring days in January and beyond!

What else can I do? Well, first and foremost, Feed a Cat for Christmas! Tell your friends to join in the fun and spread the word! Know someone who is looking to adopt a cat or kitten? Point them here!

Money for spaying/neutering/veterinary care/food is always needed.

Foster homes are in great demand. To find out more, check out How you can help.

Still have questions? Feel free to send an email to janinethebean10@yahoo.com